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Our DDoS filtering protects from floods over 3500 Gbps!







Protection is just

$3.00 / month

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks work by flooding a targeted server or network with large sustained volumes of traffic. Distribution of the attacks usually involve many compromised computers on diverse networks around the planet. This prevents any easy end-customer mitigation, achieved by blocking certain networks, countries, etc.

To businesses, the impact of DDoS attacks is loss of sales and dissatisfied customers. To media and social groups, DDoS attacks effectively silence your voice. To governments, DDoS attacks can disrupt communication to public and employees. To gamers, DDoS attacks mean your competition won.

BuyVM offers a very affordable solution to protect your server from DDoS attacks. For just $3.00 per month (per IP) you can receive over 700,000,000 packets-per-second or 3500gbps+/sec of DDoS protection. The amount of protection is not dedicated to you but is a pooled resource all protected customers share in each location.

What types of floods do we protect against?

Some protection methods may require a support ticket to be enabled.

Does BuyVM really offer 3500gbps+/sec of DDoS Protection?

Who knew a guy punching a tree could cause so much damage.

A BuyVM customer running a popular Minecraft community was hit with an attack reaching nearly 200gbits. The attackers weren't packet shy either reaching 57.6 million packets per second. Luckily, the BuyVM customer subscribes to our DDoS Protection service.

The Minecraft community stayed online during the entire attack and did so without lag, and without any nullroutes.

200Gbps DDoS attack mitigated by BuyVM DDoS Protection

Can your DDoS Protection save you from this?

BuyVM DDoS Protection vs. other DDoS Solutions

What to expect with other DDoS protection solutions.

There are many approaches to mitigating DDoS attacks. DDoS protection solutions can be very expensive. Below you can compare our DDoS protection service to other common DDoS mitigation solutions.

DDoS Solutions Disadvantages Costs
  • None.
  • BuyVM protects your online services 24/7/365 with always-on filtering.
  • We offer peace of mind and security for a hostile online environment, so you can concentrate on more important things.

$3.00 / month

Maximum uptime even during attacks.

No Protection
  • Without protection your server could go offline until the attacks stop. This could be hours, days, weeks or even months.
  • Unprotected IPs under attack typically get null routed.
  • Huge loss to your clients and visitors. Financially, no sales.

$0.00 / month

Downtime, revenue lost, and reputation diminished.

3rd Party Protection
  • Could takes days to set up.
  • Requires DNS changes that take time to propagate .
  • Adds additional load time and latency to your services.
  • Very expensive and not always needed.

$1,000+ / month

A car or mortgage payment.

Dedicated Hardware
  • Significant cash investment.
  • May require network upgrades at your data center.
  • Requires trained technical staff for specialized DDoS Mitigation.
  • Ongoing maintenance and licensing costs.

$10,000+ / month

A very nice vacation.
Every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about BuyVM DDoS protection.
Is there a Service Level Agreement?
Yes, we have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It does not cover downtime due to application layer floods. Please see our TOS for more information.
How much DDoS protection is provided?
We provide over 700 million packets-per-second of filtering or 3500gbps+/sec for volumetric floods. This amount of protection is not dedicated to you but is a pooled resource shared in each location by all DDoS protected customers.
How long does it take to activate my DDoS protected IP address?
DDoS protected IPs are automatically issued upon placement of an order. Activation of your account normally takes anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours.
Where can I find my protected IP address?
Once your protected IP has been provisioned you can find your IP address listed in our Stallion control panel under the networking tab.
How much does BuyVM's DDoS protection cost?
Protected IP addresses cost $3.00/month per IP address and are available in all locations we operate. You will also need a VPS which to bind the IP address. You must have an active VPS with us to order our DDoS filtering.
Where can I order a DDoS protected IP address?
While in the checkout process, or on the product upgrade page, simply enter how many protected IP addresses you want under our Path.net DDoS Protection.
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